1. Keeping up this blog?!

    Okay so a lot of you want me to keep the blog up! I decided just to take a break until october. Just to finish out summer and start school again. After i get back into things i will start again! Thanks so much to everyone!!! :) ps you can ignore all the parts of me leaving in my last note. Im keeping up the blog but wont be posting until october :)

  2. Future?

    Hey guys,
    This summer is coming to an end. I know i haven’t been active on here as much and that is because i had SUCH a busy summer. I was gone to England for 3 weeks during June-July and than gone every weekend in July. I know this blog is slacking so im thinking of deleting it. But i want to know if you want me to keep the blog up so you can see the pictures still. Just let me know and i will see what i can do. Im sorry to have to say this but i just dont have time for it anymore. Im going to be a junior in high school and i have to focus more on school know. Im sorry to say this, but this is the end of my blog. I have a few more pictures but after that im done. Im sorry to anyone who feels like im giving up but i just can not do it anymore. I fell like this blog should be more than it is right now and i just do not have the time to run this blog anymore. Im very proud of my blog and happy that i have almost 60,000 people following me, but i just cant do it. Thank you to all who have been with me through this, and hopefully one day i will come back and start this blog again.